More Frequently Asked Questions about calls to Haiti.


How is the prepaid long distance service?
The prepaid long distance service allows you to make local, national and international calls at very low cost without the need to dial long PIN numbers such as telephone cards.
Can I activate my cell phone and landline in my account?
You can activate up to 10 phones on your account without charge for long distance calls
How do I make international calls once my account is activated?
Once your account is active on your mobile or landline, you must dial the access number corresponding to your city. Then you will hear the balance you have available.
How do I recharge my cell phone or landline to make calls?
It’s very simple to recharge your account. You can do it 7 days a week, 24 hours a day by calling customer service.
What is an access number for in the prepaid long distance?
The access number is used to access our telecommunications network from your landline or cell phone and make your long distance call.


What is Mobile Recharge?
The mobile recharge consists in sending credit to a mobile of a relative or friend in more than 80 countries in an easy, instant and secure way.
How I can recharge a cell phone?
It is very easy to recharge a cell phone, just call our customer service number, make a recharge of the amount you wish with credit or debit card and your family member or friend will receive instantly the recharge on the cell phone.
When does my family receive the recharge on the cell phone?
The cell phone Recharge is processed instantly. Within seconds your family member or friend will receive credit on their cell phone. The customer service operator who takes your recharge will give you a confirmation number.
What kind of cell phones can be recharged?
The cell phones that can be recharged are the prepaid one. Postpaid Plans or contract or monthly billed cannot be paid with this system.
What destinations can my family call once I make the recharge on the cell phone?
Your family member or friend who receives the recharge can call the same destinations you call regularly. This is a credit recharge, as if he/she had done it in their country. You do not get minutes of communication with our company.


What cellphone plans exist in USA and Puerto Rico?
There are about 30 companies that provide prepaid cell plans without a contract or credit check in the United States and Puerto Rico. Search Phones Plans in the US and Puerto Rico and find the plan that best fits your need.
Where can I pay my cellphone plan?
You can pay your cellular plan with us. You earn promotions calls and text messages.
From which phone companies do you accept payments?
You can pay phones plans from AT&T, T-Mobile plans, Simple Mobile cell plansVerizon Wireless cell plans among other companies, in their version of prepaid plans.
Why pay my plan with you?

 With us it is easy, fast and safe!

Can I change my cellphone plan?
Each time you do pay your cellular plan, you can choose the plan that you will use this month are paying. It is very simple, only you choose how much to pay and the selected plan will be automatically applied to your line.


What are Calling Cards?
Calling cards are a method for local, national and international phone calls at a very low cost. Calling cards are prepaid, which means they are paid at time of purchase and after their use they are discarded without incurring any expenses or contracts.
Where I can buy Calling cards?
You can buy Calling cards in stores and gas stations. Don’t forget to ask the person in charge about the cards in case they don’t have them in stock.
What are the fees paid by the calling cards?
Connection charges for calling cards are charges imposed at the time of communication with the call destination. These connection fees are typically $ 0.59 to $ 0.99 per call. Our calling cards DO NOT HAVE THESE CHARGES.
What are the maintenance fees paid by the calling cards?
Maintenance charges of calling cards are the charges that apply every few days in order to get a higher profit. Examples of maintenance fees are usually $ 0.25 every 3 days. Our calling cards DO NOT HAVE maintenance charge.
What is rounding of calling cards?
Rounding on the calling cards is used for more profit. The trick is to charge calls every 2, 3 or 5 minutes. Thus, the card lasts fewer minutes to call. Our calling cards DO NOT HAVE any rounding, charging the calls for every 1 minute.